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Exclusive mandate: what are the advantages?

If you’re reading this article, you probably need to sell your house , you’ve decided to enlist the help of a professional, but you’re wondering whether signing the exclusive mandate is the right choice or not. Perhaps the idea of ​​signing a document capable of binding you to the work of a single agency scares you a little ?

Well, in this article we will explain what an exclusive mandate is and why signing it does not represent an obstacle or a limit to your sales possibilities, but on the contrary it is a choice from which you can only benefit

What is the exclusive mandate?

Subscribing to an exclusive sales mandate implies that both parties, both the seller and the real estate agent, are required to demonstrate correct behavior and to undertake certain commitments :

the seller undertakes not to violate the obligation of exclusivity , i.e. he cannot entrust the sale of the property to other agencies for the period of exclusivity, nor sell alone;

the real estate agent undertakes to do everything possible to be able to conclude the deal and satisfy the needs of his client as soon as possible.

In fact, you must also know that the mandate is not ” eternal “, but has a time limit . If by the date established in the agreement your real estate agent has not found a buyer willing to buy at the agreed price, the mandate is no longer valid, of course unless you still want to trust your reference professional by choosing to extend further the deadline.

It is obvious that it is in the professional’s interest to make the most of the time he has available to find a buyer. To do this, he will take a greater interest in the home, study a marketing plan tailored to the property and make targeted investments to increase its visibility.

In short, the trust shown by the customer is amply rewarded with quality services and greater dedication, because the exclusive sales house will take precedence.

Giving the house to various agencies in the area rather than just one isn’t advantageous at all, because many real estate firms will have the property… but none of them will really put it among their priorities.

Furthermore, another disadvantage to consider is that you will have many different interlocutors to deal with.